2003/03/31: ALCHEMIST 0.5.1 "All-in-one" released!
It features:

2003/03/17: A Mac/Windows/Linux "All in one" version is in progress!. It will provide all functionalities of ALCHEMIST 0.5 Alpha, LE2CLASSIC 1.0 and MID2SNG 1.0.2 (fixed 1.0.1) and will be released in april 2003.

2002/02/20: LE2CLASSIC 1.0 released! It converts Triton LE PCG and SNG files to the Triton Classic and Rack format!

2002/02/05: MID2SNG 1.0.1 released! It corrects some bugs related to tempo and bar changes. But a few MIDI files still generate errors. We will try to provide soon a new release handling those files...

2002/02/03: MID2SNG 1.0 released! This program converts SMF files (format 0 and 1) to Triton SNG file format. Very useful for Triton Rack users!

2002/02/01: Pekka Järvensivu made the cool logo at the top of this page. By the way, a new ALCHEMIST companion, MID2SNG is announced for those days: written by Ben and Xavier, it will convert Standard MIDI files to Triton SNG file format, so that Triton Rack users will be able to listen to SMF files... The first tests are done; we are near to a final release. Check this site, then!

2002/01/18: Alchemist sources are hosted at SourceForge Logo

The developments of Alchemist were quite sleeping those last months; but now a version 0.6 BETA is in preparation, including new support for EFFECTS! Please be patient, a release date will be anounced when necessary...

2002/01/10: Ben joined the team! He is working on a midi to sng converter, so that Triton Rack users could read SMF sequences...

2001/09/01: PCGSORT 1.0 released! This small tool sorts the programs and combinations in your PCGS. See the downloads section.

ALCHEMIST is still in development; we hare working hard on effects and filters...

2001/08/17: ALCHEMIST alpha 0.5 released!


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