Alchemist Features

What will ALCHEMIST do (projected features)

What will never ALCHEMIST do

... sound exactly as a Trinity. Otherwhise, what would be the difference between a Triton and a Trinity? The Arpeggiator and the Sampler?

More seriously, not all Trinity's filter or effect configurations can be set in a Triton, thus ... once again... you know the refrain: ALCHEMIST approximates the Trinity PCGs, but the approximation can be so close that the sounds are identical.

What does the prototype now?

Samples (PCM programs)100% done As the samples use 48 Mb, you'll need 48 Mb RAM and the SCSI board to load them.
Filters (PCM programs)Analysis in progress This point and the effects sections are the most difficult part of the conversion. We hope to find some workarounds, so that whe can better approximate some filters combinations that are impossible on the Triton
EffectsWork in progress As you may know, we have to read about 100 different effects, that can be mapped to about 100 other ones... It will take time to write the code that reads, converts then writes the parameters.
Drumkits100% done Since the sampleset is complete, the drumkits are fully operational.
PCM ProgramsFilters and Effects missing See previous comments
SOLO ProgramsNot working Developments of this feature are freezed. This is not blocking, since you can download Solo PCG converted into Trinity V3 format, and use them in ALCHEMIST.
MOSS ProgramsEffects missing Conversion well done by 2nd.evidence
Global Settings100% done Working since the very first versions
CombinationsEffects missing Support for MOSS and SOLO added since version 0.5
SongsEffects missing Full support since version 0.5
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